Tom Fearon

Professional communicator in Canberra

Hi, my name is Tom Fearon

I’m a communications professional ready to be your creative comrade. I wrangle with words to tell strategic stories in print and multimedia. Over the past decade, I've developed a range of skills as far-reaching as my international experience. 

I was based in Beijing from 2009 to 2017, working at Asia's biggest broadcaster and one of the region's most innovative international schools. I also launched an academic newspaper, produced a short documentary series, and earned my master's degree.

Before China, I worked in print and broadcast media in the US, Cambodia, and Australia. Now based in Canberra, I'm a marketing and communications coordinator at the Australian National University’s College of Asia & the Pacific.

Here you can see some of my work ranging from my scoops as a reporter to my projects as a collaborative communicator. You can also discover how I can make words and video work well for you.


My resume/我的简历